Johnson County municipal election candidates for May primaries

Here’s a full list of who filed to run in this year’s Republican and Democratic municipal primaries for Johnson County. Election Day is May 2.

Incumbents are identified with (I).


Mayor: Republicans Joe Hubbard and Mark W. Myers (I)

Clerk: Republican Jeannine Myers (I)

City Judge: Republicans Drew Foster and Lewis Gregory (I)

City Council District 1: Republicans Hurley Davis, Linda S. Gibson (I) and Robin Klutzke

City Council District 2: Republican Ezra Hill (I)

City Council District 3: Republican Michael Williams (I); Democrat Manjit S. Nagra

City Council District 4: Republicans Ronald (Ron) Bates (I), Robert B. (Bob) Lynn and Teri Manship; Democrat Nathan Cardenas

City Council District 5: Republicans J. David Hopper (I) and Dale Q. Marmaduke

City Council District 6: Republican David J. Leske (I)

City Council At-Large (choose three): Republicans Erin Maurine Betron (I), Mike Campbell (I), Bogdan John Golinski, Jarrett Law, Steve Moan, Brian L. Moore and Ronald B. Palmer


Mayor: Republican Steve Barnett (I)

Clerk-Treasurer: Republican Jan Jones

City Judge: Republican K. Mark Loyd (I)

City Council District 1: Republican Josh Prine (I)

City Council District 2: Republican Anne McGuinness (I)

City Council District 3: Republican Jennifer L. Price (I)

City Council District 4: Republican Ken Austin (I)

City Council District 5: Republican Irene Nalley (I)

City Council At-Large (choose two): Republicans Clayton Black, Ross O. Shilts, Shawn Taylor (I) and Todd A. Shuck


Clerk-Treasurer: Republicans Dustin R. Doyle and Nancy Kehl (I)

Town Council At-Large (choose three): Republicans Roger D. Hitz, Ruth Ann Moore (I), Susie Qualls (I) and James Rumell II (I); Democrat Blythe Potter


Clerk-Treasurer: No candidates filed

Town Council At-Large (choose three): Republican Miriam Rooks (I), Jeff Simpson (I) and Sherri Sweet

New Whiteland

Clerk-Treasurer: Republican Angela K. DeVoss (I)

Town Council Ward 1: No candidates filed

Town Council Ward 3: Republican John Perrin (I)

Town Council Ward 4: No candidates filed

Prince’s Lakes

Clerk-Treasurer: Republican Erica Giger (I)

Town Council At-Large (choose five): Republicans Charlie Bourne, Anthony Giger, Richard Giger, Kevin B. Harrison, Katie Hendrickson, Lindsey Kelly, Greg Nelson (I), Bryan R. Tearman (I) and James C. Young


Clerk-Treasurer: Republican Donna Moore (I)

Town Council At-Large (choose five): Republicans Jackie D. Bryant, Rex Callon, Ashley Chaney, Jeffrey O. Eisenmenger (I), Bryan Gregg, Jessica M. Jones (I), David R. Moore, Rick Morgan, Mike Peters, Jason A. Ramey (I) and Kyle Siegfred (I)


Clerk-Treasurer: Republican Melissa A. Fraser

Town Council Ward 1: Republicans Matthew Tim Brown and David A. Hawkins (I)

Town Council Ward 2: Republicans Scot Ford and Brad Goedeker (I)

Town Council Ward 3: Republican Debra L. Hendrickson

Town Council At-Large (choose two): Republicans Richard C. Hill (I) and Joe Sayler (I); Democrat Jacquelyn (Jaylen) Marie Withem

Source: Johnson County Voter Registration Office