Candidates for Greenwood mayor, two town councils challenged

The deadline for petitions challenging the election bids for candidates running in this year’s municipal primary elections was noon Friday. Candidates for offices in Greenwood, Trafalgar and Prince’s Lakes are being challenged, according to the Johnson County Voter Registration Office.


> Greenwood Mayor: Republican candidate Joe Hubbard has had three challenges submitted against him — the most for anyone being challenged this election. For all three petitions, Hubbard is being challenged because he allegedly does not not meet residency requirements for candidacy, county documents show.

> Trafalgar Town Council At-Large: Republican candidates Rex Callon and Bryan Gregg are being challenged because they do not meet the state’s primary vote history requirement, according to county documents. To be eligible as a primary candidate, a person is required to have voted in the last two primaries for the same political party as the seat they are seeking.

> Prince’s Lakes Town Council At-Large: Similar to the Trafalgar candidates, Republican candidate Katie Hendrickson is being challenged due to the primary vote history requirement.

Candidates who are being challenged, along with those challenging them, will be required to go before the Johnson County Election Board to state their case.

Final decisions on the challenges will be made by the Election Board, which will ultimately decide if candidates are removed from the ballot. The exact date for the challenge hearings has not yet been set.


> Greenwood City Council At-Large: Republican candidates Jarrett Law and Chad Riddle have withdrawn their candidacies. Riddle withdrew prior to the filing deadline last week, and Law withdrew before the withdrawal deadline Friday.