New senior living facility coming to Greenwood

A new senior living facility on Greenwood’s north side will offer seniors amenities including a billiards room once it opens in around 2025.

Virginia-based Smith/Packett Med-Com LLC is constructing Harmony at Greenwood on about 7.7 acres located south of Indiana Internal Medicine Consultants and west of Indy South Greenwood Airport along Wheatcraft Way. Harmony will be a 200,000 square foot, 4-story, “first class, high-quality” assisted living facility, Brian Tuohy, an attorney representing the developer, told the city’s Advisory Plan Commission Monday night.

“It’s a sizable community,” Tuohy said. “The investment in this will approach $50 million, so it’s a very substantial capital investment on this vacant site.”

Seniors at three ability levels would reside in the facility; with 134 rooms planned for independent living, 62 for assisted living and 38 for memory care, Tuohy said.

The facility will be staffed 24/7 and will feature dining rooms, physical therapy and exercise facilities, a billiards room, a chapel and more. Construction is expected to begin this fall and end in 2025, he said.

Representatives of the facility came before the plan commission in order to request waivers for the number and size of parking spaces and to get permission to avoid constructing a small section of sidewalk.

Under the city’s minimum parking standards, 194 parking spaces would be required for the building and they would be required to be between 10 to 10.5 feet in width. Smith/Packett was requesting 180 spaces, which they said would be possible with reduced dimensions of 9 to 9.5 in width, according to city documents.

The request for fewer parking spaces was made because the developer believes they would have more than enough parking with just 180 spots. This is based on their experience with facilities they own of similar size to the planned Greenwood facility, Tuohy said.

Smith/Packett officials expect few residents to drive, based on their research. On average, less than 10% of independent living residents, less than 1% of assisted living residents and 0% of memory care residents drive. This is why they felt comfortable requesting fewer spaces, Tuohy said.

“They feel (the number of spaces) are really more than sufficient,” Tuohy said.

The developer is also required to place sidewalks on both sides of Wheatcraft Way. However, they requested a waiver to avoid building a small section of sidewalk next to the Merry Branch Ditch, he said

“It’s just a practical difficulty, and impossibility really, to build a sidewalk on that short stretch of Wheatcraft Way where the ditch exists,” Tuohy said.

Other than this area, the developer plans to build sidewalks along Wheatcraft Way as desired, he said.

City staff recommended approval of all three waivers. The commission later voted unanimously, with one member absent, to approve the waivers.