Trafalgar, Prince’s Lakes candidates removed from ballot

The Johnson County Election Board on Wednesday removed three Republican candidates who had been running for a small town council.

Each candidate was challenged by Johnson GOP Chair Beth Boyce because they didn’t meet the requirements to run for office as a Republican. The requirement is to cast a Republican primary ballot two consecutive times before filing to run.

Katie Hendrickson, who had been running for Prince’s Lake Town Council, along with Trafalgar Town Council candidates Rex Callon and Bryan Gregg, were removed from the ballot for that reason.

Both towns still have a large field of Republican candidates to choose from and will be asked to choose five at-large members. Current council members are marked with (I).

Trafalgar Town Council At-Large candidates 
Jackie D. Bryant
Ashley Chaney
Jeffrey O. Eisenmenger (I)
Jessica M. Jones (I)
Rick Morgan
David R. Moore
Mike Peters
Jason A. Ramey (I)
Kyle Siegfred (I)

Prince’s Lakes Town Council At-Large candidates 
Charlie Bourne
Anthony Giger
Richard Giger
Kevin B. Harrison
Lindsey Kelly
Greg Nelson (I)
Bryan R. Tearman (I)
James C. Young

No Democrats have filed to run for either town council.