Firefighters union endorses Hubbard for Greenwood mayor

A local firefighters union is endorsing Greenwood mayoral candidate Joe Hubbard, the union’s first-ever endorsement of a political candidate.

The Johnson County Professional Firefighters Local 4252 formally endorsed Hubbard for Greenwood mayor on Thursday. Hubbard, who is running on the Republican ticket, is challenging incumbent Mayor Mark Myers in the May primary. Myers has been in the office since 2012.

The union is comprised of over 150 firefighters in Johnson County from the Greenwood, Bargersville, and White River Township fire departments. This is the bi-partisan union’s first endorsement of a political candidate for office through its political action committee since it formed in 2003.

“It is an honor to receive an endorsement from this organization of dedicated firefighters who always answer the call to keep our city and community safe, ” Hubbard said in a statement Thursday. “Public safety will always be my highest priority as mayor and I look forward to working with our fire departments and ensuring they have the resources and support needed to continually keep Greenwood safe.”

Union officials said they were proud to announce their endorsement of Hubbard. They make their endorsements based not only on a candidate’s alignment with their core values but also on their ability to be an effective leader once the election is over, union president Nathan Poff wrote in the endorsement letter.

“Joe comprehends the importance of investing in our emergency services and has pledged to provide the necessary resources and support to serve our community effectively,” Poff wrote. “His unshakable commitment to supporting firefighters, investing in our emergency services, and ensuring that our departments are equipped with the necessary resources and support to keep our community safe is unmatched.”

Poff said union members believe Hubbard is a fervent advocate for public safety. Union members trust that he will work tirelessly to improve emergency response times and enhance emergency preparedness in the community.

“He has always been a steadfast supporter of our firefighters and first responders, and we are confident that he will continue to stand by us as mayor,” Poff said. “With a comprehensive understanding of the needs in our local neighborhoods and the skills required to lead and serve its residents effectively, Joe is the perfect candidate for mayor.”

The full statement from Poff is below.