Readers share views on ‘Dilbert’ decision

To the Editor:

Kudos to the Daily Journal and Andrews McMeel Universal for dropping the comic strip “Dilbert.” Scott Adams’ comments describing Black people as members of “a hate group” that white people should “get away from” are racist and should not be tolerated. This is an example of fear, hate, and intolerance; the same tactics used by the Nazis that brought about the Holocaust. We need to be unifying our country, not spreading fear and hate that divides us. It is morally wrong to be promoting false and discriminating opinions. Thank you for taking a moral stand on this issue rather than just calling it freedom of speech.

Karen Lunsford


I am disappointed that “Dilbert” was dropped. I have listened to the video that is being used to justify racism claims. I find cancellation unjustified. The root, a survey that stated that over half of those who identify as Black do not feel it is acceptable to be white, is a valid topic. It seems racism by nonwhites can’t be discussed. I kindly ask that you review the facts, censoring the speaker, Scott Adams, is not justified.

Dale Marmaduke


Thank you for dropping “Dilbert.” Although I enjoy satire, I stopped reading “Dilbert” a decade ago as I found Scott Adams’ satire tending toward meanness. Adams has crossed the line so decisively this time with his racist comments that he has demonstrated that he has nothing positive to contribute to our society. Thank you for your courage.

David Carlson


I do not support your decision to drop this comic strip. Your adherence to political correctness is not surprising but very disappointing nonetheless.

Joseph Weber