Campaign mailers sent to local Republican voters by the Joe Hubbard and Mayor Mark Myers campaigns sit on a table in the Daily Journal conference room Thursday.

Leeann Doerflein | Daily Journal

Thousands of dollars are being spent by candidates as they try to shore up support ahead of the May 2 municipal primary, especially in the Greenwood mayoral race.

This year, voters in every city and town have candidates on the ballot in the Republican primary. Many municipalities, including Greenwood, Franklin, Bargersville, Whiteland, Prince’s Lakes and Trafalgar, have contested races for offices such as mayor, city or town council and clerk-treasurer.

Campaign finance reports filed earlier this month show political action committees, corporations and individual donors are doling out cash by the hundreds and thousands to give their chosen candidates boosts to try to win votes. Campaign spending is generally looked at as a measure of the amount of support for a particular candidate.

The most expensive race this year is Greenwood mayor which is a race between challenger Joe Hubbard and incumbent Mayor Mark Myers. Both candidates have raised a combined total of at least $205,000. Combined, they’ve spent over $226,000 on their respective campaigns from Jan. 1 to April 7, the end of the pre-primary reporting period.

The last contested mayoral primary was in 2019, when Myers was challenged by Dale Marmaduke, who is now running for the District 5 seat on city council. Compared to 2019, the 2023 fundraising has brought in nearly $149,000 more and $144,000 more has been spent on the race as of this reporting period.

For pre-primary filing period in 2019, Myers raised $50,300 — adding to the more than $261,203 he already had in the bank at the time. He spent $75,882.51 on campaign expenses, reports show. Marmaduke contributed $5,744 and spent $5,744 of his own funds on his campaign.

Joe Hubbard

Joe Hubbard, who is challenging Myers, started the reporting period with more than $45,532 in the bank. Since January, Hubbard has added at least $83,021 in contributions from a variety of donors.

The largest single contribution for Hubbard’s campaign came from the Johnson County Professional Firefighters Union Political Action Committee, or PAC, for $20,000. Hubbard has also received $500 from Floor Covers Local 364 PAC and $250 from Millwrights Local 1076 PAC. The Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters Indiana labor union also gave $5,000 to his campaign, reports show.

In terms of individual contributions, Hubbard has received 43 for a total of $16,760. The individual contributions range from $80 to $1,000 a person, reports show.

Hubbard has also received $7,500 from businesses — $5,000 from Rick Campbell Builder, Inc., $2,000 from Angel Animal Hospital and $1,500 from D and M Concrete Inc, reports say.

Several other organizations and businesses have given money to Hubbard’s campaign. Some of the higher contributors are USA Upstart has given $15,000, Card & Associates Athletic Facilities gave $10,000 and Crackerjack Holdings gave $3,000.

Friends of Michelle Davis, affiliated with State Rep. Michelle Davis, R-Whiteland, also gave Hubbard’s campaign $1,000, reports show. Hubbard also loaned his campaign $50,000.

Supplemental reports show that Rick Campbell Builder, Inc. gave an additional $5,000 and Card & Associates Athletic Facilities gave an additional $10,000 to Hubbard’s campaign.

For expenses, Hubbard has spent over $70,078, including $40,962 on advertising. The rest of his expenses went to operations and contributions to other organizations, reports show.

Mark Myers

Myers’ campaign started the year with over $152,189 in the bank. From Jan. 1 to April 7, Myers received an additional $121,987 in contributions, and spent $156,938.06, reports say.

Myers has received about $67,647 from 55 individual contributors, with amounts ranging from $200 to $5,000. He has also received $6,850 from 10 corporations, the majority of which listed Greenwood addresses, though several are based in Indianapolis and one is out of state.

Businesses giving large donations are Scannell Properties with $5,000, the Lushin Group with $2,700, AZO Services PIA gave $2,500, Tacos & Brews with $2,000, and Bowen Engineer Corp. and Morphey Construction Inc., which gave $1,000 each, reports show. The rest gave amounts less than $1,000, reports show.

Ten PACS have given $23,500 to Myers’ campaign. The largest donors are The Business Advocacy Committee with $10,000, MIBOR PAC with $5,000 and GAI Consultants PAC with $2,500.

Reports also show that Oorah! PAC, affiliated with U.S. Sen. Todd Young, gave $1,000 to Myers, and the Indiana American Water PAC gave $2,000.

Other organizations connected to candidates and politicians, including U.S. Rep. Erin Houchin, R-Indiana, Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley, Westfield Mayor Andy Cook and Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen, have also given funds to Myers’ campaign, reports show.

In terms of expenses, Myers has spent over $113,296 on advertising, reports show. The rest of his expenses were for operations, fundraising and contributions to other organizations.

Greenwood city council

With four contested races for city council, many candidates have been out in force raising funds for their campaigns.

In the city council at-large race, candidates have raised over $14,125 in their election bids.

Incumbent Erin Betron has received $2,500 in contributions and spent over $2,352. Incumbent Mike Campbell received $7,000 and spent $747.26. He also loaned his campaign $3,000 this reporting period, reports show.

Steve Moan has received over $2,425 and spent a little over $2,620 — including loaning his campaign $1,000 — while Ronald Palmer has received $2,200 and spent over $1,871. Candidates Bogdan Golinksi and Brian Moore have not spent or raised funds for their campaigns, reports show.

For District 1, incumbent Linda Gibson has spent and raised the most so far. Gibson received $3,044.46, and spent the exact same amount, reports show.

Robin Klutkze, one of Gibson’s challengers, has received $2,050 and spent $1,320.55. Hurley Davis, another District 1 candidate, gave his campaign $604 and spent all of it, the reports show.

Ron Bates, the incumbent for District 4, started with a little over $1,043, received $922 and spent over $1,640. Challenger Teri Manship has received and spent a little over $118, while challenger Bob Lynn has not received or spent anything, reports say.

In District 5, incumbent David Hopper started the year with $82.12 in the bank. By April 7, his campaign had received over $679 and spent about $200.

Marmaduke, Hopper’s challenger, has spent over $265 on his campaign. He did not receive any contributions during the reporting period, according to reports.

Greenwood city judge

The two men vying for Greenwood city judge have also been raising a few thousand dollars for their campaigns.

City attorney Drew Foster, who is challenging incumbent Judge Lewis Gregory, has raised $2,798 from Jan. 1 to April 7, adding to the $110.86 he already had for his campaign. This includes $1,000 he loaned his campaign himself, reports show.

Foster has spent more than $2,344 so far. Advertising expenses were the largest category, at $1,610, reports show.

Gregory, on the other hand, has raised over $4,832, and he has spent all of it. Most of these funds, about $4,132, Gregory loaned his campaign, reports show.

All of Gregory’s expenses were for advertising, reports show.


Here is a look at how much was raised and spent in some of the bigger contested races from Jan. 1 to April 7:

Greenwood Mayor

Joe Hubbard: Beginning cash balance $45,532.50; raised $83,021.30; spent $70,078.54

Mark Myers: Beginning cash balance $152,189.65; raised $121,987; spent $156,938.06

Greenwood City Judge

Drew Foster: Beginning cash balance $0; raised $2,798; spent $2,334.52

Lewis Gregory: Beginning cash balance $110.86; raised $4,832.29; spent $4,832.29

Greenwood City Council District 1

Hurley Davis: Beginning cash balance $0; raised $604; spent $604

Linda Gibson: Beginning cash balance $0; raised $3,044.46; spent $3,044.46

Robin Klutzke: Beginning cash balance $0; raised $2,050; spent $1,320.55

Greenwood City Council District 4

Ron Bates: Beginning cash balance $1,043.58; raised $922; spent $1,640.31

Bob Lynn: Beginning cash balance $0; raised $0; spent $0

Teri Manship: Beginning cash balance $0; raised $118.52; spent $118.52

Greenwood City Council District 5

David Hopper: Beginning cash balance $82.12; raised $679.88; spent $200.05

Dale Marmaduke: Beginning cash balance $0; raised $0; spent $265.80

Greenwood City Council At-Large

Erin Betron: Beginning cash balance: $0; raised $2,500; spent $2,352.59

Mike Campbell: Beginning cash balance $800; raised $7,000; spent $747.26

Bogdan Golinksi: Beginning cash balance $0; raised $0; spent $0

Steve Moan: Beginning cash balance $0; raised $2,425.69; spent $2,620.34

Brian Moore: Beginning cash balance $0; raised $0; spent $0

Ronald Palmer: Beginning cash balance $0; raised $2,200; spent $1,871.85

Source: Campaign Finance Reports