GOP chair to decide tie-breaker in Whiteland Ward 2 race

The Johnson County GOP chair will decide the path to a tie-breaker in the primary race for Whiteland Town Council Ward 2.


Council member Brad Goedeker and his challenger, former council member Scot Ford are tied up in the Republican primary with 103 votes each. Ending in a tie came as a surprise to both candidates, they said.

“I did not expect it,” Ford said. “I don’t recall in the history of this county, and I’m only 70, that this has taken place before.”

Goedeker said it was interesting to see how one vote can truly make a difference in elections.

“One vote, a single vote would change this election,” Goedeker said. “This is the proof. This is the evidence of how powerful that is, and how you need to take your responsibility seriously to vote.”

Breaking the tie is ultimately up to Johnson GOP Chair Beth Boyce, said Trena McLaughlin, county clerk. Boyce can either declare the winner as chair with a majority vote by the county committee, or hold a caucus where precinct committeemen from Whiteland will choose a winner.

Boyce said she is waiting on confirmation from legal counsel before proceeding with a decision on a tie-breaker.


Ford and Goedeker said they would accept the outcome, no matter what form the tie-break takes.

“If I’ve been chosen by the constituents in Whiteland to represent them for four more years, I’d be thrilled,” Goedeker said. “And if I’m not, then my term ends at the end of this year. I’ll do everything I can to make sure that I do a great job.”

Ford added he’d be satisfied with a coin flip to decide.

“I’ll let the chips fall where they may. I’m not going to whine if I win. I’m not going to whine if I lose,” Ford said. “The fact is it was a good race, and you can’t get any closer than a tie.”