Market District coming to White River Township

A Market District is coming to White River Township, though for now, it’s unclear when.

Over the last few months, posts on social media have commented on a coming soon sign for Market District located near the intersection of Smith Valley Road and Morgantown Road. The sign also denotes an upcoming Shops at Center Grove development that is being leased out by Echo Realty, which owns approximately 10.8 acres at the intersection.

Market District is an upscale grocery store chain that features a selection of fresh, locally-sourced produce, freshly cut meat and seafood, a sweet shop with handmade baked-goods and artisan domestic and imported cheeses, according to the company’s website. The stores are owned by Giant Eagle, a Pittsburgh-based company that has more than 470 retail locations ranging from large supermarkets to smaller neighborhood markets and fuel and convenience stores. There are 22 Market Districts nationwide, including one in Carmel.

The proposed Market District would be a part of the Shops at Center Grove development, according to both the sign and documents available on Echo Realty’s website. It would also be approximately 49,900 square feet.

Market District officials say they are still in the early stages of planning for the Greenwood-area location, and declined to share additional details for now.

“We have enjoyed positive feedback from area guests since introducing Market District and GetGo to the Indianapolis community in 2015,” a Market District spokesperson said. “While we are excited for the potential opportunity to expand our Market District presence in the market, we are in the very early stages of the process and do not have any additional detail(s) to share about the Greenwood site at this time.”

An early site plan for the Shops at Center Grove, a shopping area to be built near Smith Valley and Morgantown roads.Echo Realty Rendering

The rest of the Shops at Center Grove has not been leased, according to the developer’s website. One building is currently designed to be separated in six suites is available, along with two out-lots facing Smith Valley Road.

Current site plans show two entrances to the development along Smith Valley Road, one entrance along Morgantown Road and one entrance along Bancroft Lane.