Runway 19 Coffee Co., which marks The Garrett Companies first foray into the restaurant industry, is now open at their new apartment complex The Hangar on Emerson. Both residents and the community can shop at the café. Noah Crenshaw | Daily Journal

A new coffee shop on Greenwood’s north side offers residents a chance to experience aviation without getting on a plane.

Runway 19 Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee shop that offers coffees, teas, grab-and go food items, sandwiches and more. The aviation-themed coffee shop, 1152 Emerson Pointe Drive, opened last month at The Hangar at Emerson Pointe, a new The Garrett Companies apartment complex. Runway 19 is the first coffee shop for their affiliated Garrett Restaurant Group.

The name of the coffee shop — Runway 19 – is inspired by the shop’s proximity to the Indy South Greenwood Airport. For the shop, The Garrett Companies wanted to focus on the luxury age of travel, said Jamie Allen, vice president of management for The Garrett Companies. She is also their associate counsel.

“If you think back, airports used to be more of a destination with kind of interesting decor, really outstanding customer service, areas in which to socialize and lounge areas to hang out in,” Allen said. “That’s really what inspired the name and really the aviation theme that runs throughout.”

Lots of aviation-themed decor are present at the coffee shop. Wall art consisting of the planes and posters from the early years of commercial aviation hang-on the wall above the front door, including the front cover of a historical issue of Life magazine. Art featuring the name Runway 19 is also present.

Runway 19 offers a variety of drink options — everything from brewed coffee to espresso to teas and lemonades. They also offer blenders, hot drinks like hot chocolate and seasonal drinks with names that keep up with the aviation theme.

Current seasonal drinks include, the Iced Stormy Skies, an espresso lemonade, the Iced Clear Skies, a combination of butterfly tea, cranberry and lemonade; and “Pumpkin Pie in the Sky,” which consists of pumpkin pie spice, espresso and steamed milk.

A variety of flavors is also available, including vanilla, toffee nut, chai tea and sugar free options.

Runway 19 staff also serve bagel breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, waffle bites, egg bites, croissants, bread loafs, cookies and more.

Seating is available both inside the shop and outside on the patio. Outside, there is also a ‘fly-through’ window where customers can walk up with their dog and order items. They also have a dog menu, Allen said.

“We also have a pretty fun dog menu, where you can grab a treat for your pop while you’re there,” she said. “PetSuites is right next door, and a lot of our residents have dogs, and so that’s also something we do that’s kind of fun.”

Items on the dog menu include pup cups and pup sundaes consisting of mini dog treats of whipped cream. Dog owners could also spend a few extra dollars to get the Pup Paw-ty, which consists of a sundae and a dog party hat. A breakfast bowl, dehydrated green beans and frozen treats are also available for canines.

Runway 19 also has a customer loyalty program, where members can earn one point for every $2 spent. Members can receive a $2.50 discount for every 25 points they redeem, according to their website.

The Hangar residents also get “First Class Pass” for the coffee shop. With regular drink purchase, residents receive a free First Class Grab & Go item. They also get access to exclusive events, tastings and more, a spokesperson said.

With The Hangar, there was a big focus for The Garrett Companies to provide the different kind of amenity space with Runway 19, Allen said. The hopes is to also reach out into the Greenwood community and surrounding areas to bring in customers as well, she said.

The developer’s focus on providing lifestyle amenities, such as restaurants, pool spaces and upgraded fitness centers, is how the idea of creating restaurants came up, she said. There are also restaurants at a couple of developments they’ve built in Denver, Colorado, she said.

“Once you’re well received within the neighborhood, as well, then it really does become not just a resident amenity but a neighborhood amenity,” Allen said.

Having the shop in Greenwood means a lot to The Garrett Companies, as the city is where one of their three headquarters is located, she said.

“We consider that our original headquarters location,” Allen said. “And a lot of our team members live and come from the southside and surrounding areas. So we’re just really excited to do any project in the Greenwood area, but especially to bring this new coffee shop concept.”

The coffee shop has been well received so far, and business is growing every day, Allen said.

Runway 19 is a place where people can have business meetings, meet up with a friend or work remotely. Customers will be greeted by team members who are “really excited to be there,” she said.

Runway 19 is open weekdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and weekends from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.