Trafalgar commission to consider variance for ‘long-awaited’ grocery store

Dollar General representatives are considering opening a grocery store concept in Trafalgar.

The Trafalgar Plan Commission will hear a variance Monday regarding a proposed Dollar General Market at the corner of Braxton Street and State Road 135. This meeting will take place at 6 p.m. at Trafalgar Town Hall, 2770 W. State Road 252.

Building Commissioner Bryan Gregg has been working with the developer over the past few months to “dial in specifics” of the project, he said. Dollar General plans to build a 12,480-square-foot building that would provide fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and more to the town that currently has no grocery stores.

Trafalgar has “long-awaited” a grocery option and has been meticulous in choosing what grocery option would best meet the needs of residents, Gregg said.

Once constructed, the DG Market will be the first commercial space built under the town’s newly established building standards. The building will be required to have a block and brick facade, window walls, awnings and green space for decorative bushes, flowers and trees. Any rooftop mechanical equipment will be required to have a decorative facade as well, Gregg said.

“We are going to see the results of proactive efforts by the Trafalgar Planning Commission, the Trafalgar town attorney Jacob Bowman and the Trafalgar Town Council in this project’s execution,” Gregg said.