College Notes – Feb. 10

Dean’s List


Bargersville: Jonathan Aldrich; Maggie Eley; Annie Kluemper

Edinburgh: Isabel Sanchez

Franklin: Olivia Alvey; Eli Cochrane; Eden Creech; Patrick Fancher; Isabella Ferree; Zamira Foster-Parker; Myla Hadley; Ailyn Hendricks; Hillari Hensley; Ellie Lammert; Grant Leytham; Ashlyn Myers; Alecia Perkins; Bianca Pielago; Jaynie Salyers; Monica Velazquez-Cortes; Emma Walthour

Greenwood: Amelia Bailey; Anissa Bailey; Serenidy Cockerham; Noah Harris; John Hasquin; Hanna Jackson; Robert Knight; Mei Longstreth; Tinotenda Mupemhi; Kailyn Prescott; Emily Rollett; Jovany Sebastian; Kendra Shirrell; Andrew Spomar; Maecee Terhune; Nicholas Whitecotten; James Wolff; Brandon Wood

Nineveh: Christian Talbert

Trafalgar: Camden Carlile; Spencer Fears; Emily Peters

Whiteland: Katelynn Asher; Brenna Atchison; Caleb Crockett; David Fox; Will Hagan; Canyon Valentine; Zach Yaryan


Faculty Honor’s


Greenwood: Jacob Miller; Carina Oza


President’s List


Edinburgh: Conner Jewell

Franklin: Van Evanoff; Andrew Deppe; Regan Hendricks; Gabriella Sherry; Benjamin Marten

Greenwood: Grace Allen; Alona Gilpin; Carson Dillard; Sierra Downey; Amy Garrido Portillo; Emma Jones; Laura Sickmeier

New Whiteland: William Bright

Trafalgar: Riley Mahan

Whiteland: Brett Gentry; Robert McCoy


Franklin College selects students for honors program

The Intercultural Honors Experience is a competitive program intended to support students in building interdisciplinary learning skills and an intercultural foundation. The four credit-hour course satisfies the international requirement and provides students the opportunity to apply for the Intercultural Honors Experience scholarship for a semester abroad.

The spring 2024 seminar will focus on the Practices of Healing: Curing What Ails. The students selected for scholarship this year will examine the concept of healing through the lens of different cultures.

Local students who have been selected include:

Franklin: Nathan Colley; Bianca Pielago

Whiteland: Brenna Atchison

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