Johnson County communities receive $3.2M in state road funding

Nearly $3.2 million in road funding will be coming to four Johnson County communities as part of a state matching grant program.

Gov. Eric Holcomb and the Indiana Department of Transportation announced the award of more than $207 million in Community Crossings matching grants to 252 cities, towns and counties from across the state Wednesday. The Community Crossings matching grant program is a component of Holcomb’s Next Level Roads program.

“Year after year, Indiana’s local Community Crossings program enables hundreds of critically important infrastructure improvements to happen,” Holcomb said in a news release. “I cannot overstate the transformative significance of this program and the positive impacts it has throughout our cities, towns and counties across the Hoosier state known as the Crossroads of America.”

Four Johnson County communities — Franklin, New Whiteland, Prince’s Lakes and Whiteland — will receive more than $3.16 million through this year’s first round of funding. Communities submitted applications for funding during a “highly competitive” call for projects in January, according to INDOT.

Community Crossings funding comes from the state’s local road and bridge matching grant fund. The Community Crossings initiative has provided nearly $1.7 billion in state matching funds for local road improvement projects since 2016, INDOT says.

Franklin will receive $1,185,196.27 for this funding round. The plan is to use the funding for this year’s paving projects, specifically milling and overlaying of the asphalt, with full-depth patching where needed, said Mark Richards, city engineer.

Work will be done on the following streets:

  • Acorn Road, from Fairlane Court to Cobra Drive and from U.S. 31 to Galaxy Drive;
  • Center Street, from Champ Ulysses Street to dead end;
  • Champ Ulysses Street, from South Main Street to Home Avenue;
  • Charles Drive, from Cumberland Drive to Gladden Court;
  • Dunn Street, from Ridge Street to Nineveh Street;
  • Early Lane, from Umbarger Lane to Holiday Lane;
  • Fairway Lakes Drive, from St. Andrews Drive to King Street/State Road 44;
  • Franklin Lakes Boulevard, from Lake Crossing Lane to Lake Shore Court;
  • Gladden Court, from Charles Drive to dead end;
  • Johnson Avenue, from Graham Road/Lynhurst Street to King Street;
  • Kentucky Street, from Johnson Avenue to Young Street;
  • King Street, from Walnut Street to West Street and from North Main Street to Jackson Street;
  • McClain Drive, from Jim Black Road to western limit;
  • Meadow Glen Boulevard, from Sunmeadow Circle to Simon Road;
  • Meadowview Court, from Meadow Glen Boulevard to 100 feet east of intersection;
  • Ohio Street, from Johnson Avenue to Duane Street;
  • Province Street, from Hurricane Street to Johnson Avenue;
  • Westview Drive, from Canary Creek Bridge (east) to Canary Creek bridge (west);
  • Young Street, from Hamilton Avenue to King Street; and
  • Youngs Creek Drive from Foxtail Drive to Shoreline Lane.

The city is expected to start seeking bids for the work next week, with the Board of Public Works and Safety potentially awarding a contract on May 6, Richards said.

Construction will be over the summer months with a contract completion date of Sept. 30, he said.

New Whiteland is set to get $926,250, which will be used to reconstruct a segment of Bradford Place as well as patching and preservation of multiple other street segments, said Duane McCauslin, public works superintendent. The following streets will see patching and preservation work:

  • Ashland Avenue, between Berwyn Road and Bittersweet Drive;
  • Crestwood Drive, between Bradford Place and Belaire Drive;
  • Delbrook Drive, between Southlane Drive and Tracy Road;
  • Hollybrook Drive, between Delbrook Drive and Sweetbriar Avenue;
  • Lynwood Drive, between Whiteland Road and Westbrook Drive;
  • Melrose Drive, between Parkview Drive and Hollybrook Drive; also between Hanover Drive and Princeton Drive;
  • Mooreland Drive, between Hollybrook Drive and the dead end;
  • Oakden Road, between Warwick Drive and Oakden Court;
  • Oakden Court;
  • Northlane Drive, between Delbrook Drive and Sweetbriar Avenue;
  • Parkview Drive, between Sawmill Road and U.S. 31;
  • Pleasant Drive, between Delbrook Drive and Sweetbriar Avenue;
  • Princeton Drive, between Mooreland Drive and Tracy Road;
  • Sweetbriar Avenue, between Southlane Drive and Ballpark Drive;
  • Sonora Circle; and
  • Sierra Circle.

Neighboring Whiteland will receive $787,939.50 in matching funding. With the monies, the town will mill and resurface West Street and Pearl Street behind town hall, along with replacing sidewalks, driveway approaches and installing stormwater lines, said Carmen Young, director of administration.

“After this year’s project we will have resurfaced all of the residential subdivisions within the town of Whiteland,” Young said. “We are very thankful for the Community Crossings matching grant program and look forward to submitting future projects for funding.”

In Prince’s Lakes, the town is set to get $263,795.36. The plan is to use the funds to pave 11 streets, said Erica Lyden-Giger, clerk-treasurer.

Mike Miller, the town’s public works superintendent, said the specific streets seeing work are: West Roszell Drive from the intersection of Levee Drive to the end of Roszell, Oriental Drive, Sallee Drive, Ayers Drive, Brown Lake Drive, Galey Drive, Army Reserve Road, Bauer Drive, Andy’s Avenue, Fox Drive and Lilly Drive.

The next call for Community Crossings projects will take place in July, according to INDOT.


Here’s a look at how much funding Johnson County communities received during this year’s first round of funding from the Indiana Department of Transportation’s Community Crossings grant program.

Franklin: $1,185,196.27

New Whiteland: $926,250.00

Whiteland: $787,939.50

Prince’s Lakes: $263,795.36