Greenwood man faces serious felony drug charge after investigation

HANCOCK COUNTY — A multi-state criminal drug investigation that began in September of 2023 with local help from the Greenfield Police Department (GPD) and Fortville Police Department (FPD) resulted in the arrest of a Greenwood man who is now facing a felony drug charge.

Rodney Wesley Hudson, 33, of Greenwood, has been charged with a Level 2 felony count of dealing in cocaine manufacture/deliver/finance 10 or more grams from an incident May 6.

Hudson made his initial appearance in Hancock County Superior Court 1 May 7 where the court set a $85,000 cash bond.

According to a probable cause affidavit, an investigation into a reported large-scale criminal organization involved the sale and distribution of narcotics allegedly operating in multiple states and Indiana counties, including Hancock County.

The report stated that, as part of the investigation, a controlled buy occurred under the supervision of law enforcement.

Officials with the GPD conducted a controlled narcotics purchase with an individual later identified as Hudson who agreed to meet with a confidential source known to the detective working the case. Hudson agreed to meet with the confidential source at a location in Hancock County.

Hudson, officials said in the report, agreed to meet the confidential source to sell a large quantity of pressed M30 pills of cocaine and fentanyl in exchange for U.S. currency. Officials noted in the report that a M30 is a blue, round pill imprinted with “M” and “30” commonly sold on the street as counterfeit pressed pills that contain cocaine and/or fentanyl.

The confidential source met with officials from the GPD at a location where both their person and property were searched for U.S. currency, narcotics, weapons and contraband. The source was given a specific amount of U.S. currency from the Investigative Aid Fund, which was both counted and confirmed with the confidential source, the report stated.

Hudson, officials noted, met with the confidential source in Hancock County in September 2023. The confidential source exchanged the provided U.S. currency for a baggie of blue, round M30 pills, which was provided by Hudson.

The report goes on to say the collected substance was secured and transported back to the GPD where the substance was field-tested and returned positive for cocaine. The drugs were weighed at approximately 17.5 grams. Officials noted there were approximately 149 individual pills.

According to the affidavit, in the months after the controlled narcotics purchase, investigators continued to gather further information related to Hudson and the criminal network. Periodic surveillance of the associated addresses in Greenwood was conducted in short term increments.

Officials say that on May 1, Hudson was followed by unmarked police units leaving his residence traveling into Marion County. Law enforcement said Hudson pulled to the side of the roadway while in downtown Indianapolis and a male approached the passenger side window on foot, the report said. The male then reached inside as law enforcement observed what they recognized as a hand-to-hand transaction occurring between the male and Hudson.

Hudson then drove away from the area, and despite continued attempts to watch Hudson shortly afterward, they were unsuccessful to see him due to his elusive driving behaviors, the report stated.

On May 6, law enforcement was continuing to conduct unmarked surveillance on Hudson, and he was observed by multiple officers throughout the day. Officials eventually followed Hudson into Hancock County where they made a traffic stop in the 6200 block of West U.S. 40 due to traffic violations, the report stated.

Officials found a handgun but did not locate any items illegal in nature in the vehicle, the reported. However, Hudson did tell officials when he was pulled over he put pills into his pants. Officials at the county jail said they collected two clear plastic baggies, each containing a large quantity of blue “M30” pills tucked inside Hudson’s pants.

In all, the report states that police found one Sig Sauer P250 9mm handgun with loaded magazine, one clear plastic baggie of M30 pills weighing approximately 34.8 grams containing approximately several hundred pills, one clear plastic baggie of M30 pills weighing approximately 10.9 grams containing approximately one hundred pills, and two Apple iPhones.

By Kristi Deer of (Greenfield) Daily Reporter, a sister newspaper of the Daily Journal. 

CORRECTION: 3:55 p.m. May 24

This story was updated to remove the suspect’s address.