Jeffrey Yensel


With a heavy heart, we bid farewell to Jeffrey Allan Jason Yensel, who left us for the great garage in the sky on May 21st, 2024, at the sprightly age of 54. Born on November 27th, 1969, in Indianapolis to the dynamic duo of Robert Leroy and Marilyn “Elaine” Yensel.

Jeff’s life was a blend of grease, gears, and genuine warmth. From wrenches to witty comebacks, Jeff was a master certified mechanic with a knack for fixing anything from engines to leaky faucets. His journey under the hood spanned 27 years at various GM dealerships until he decided to turn his own wrenches at Finishline Auto Repair in Franklin, a business venture that drove his passion to new speeds.

Beyond the garage, Jeff was a Renaissance man, dabbling in everything from wiring circuits to powder coating. His love affair with classic cars, notably his 1971 Chevrolet C10 and 1987 Buick Grand National, was legendary, rivaled only by his fondness for drag racing, ocean waves, camping adventures, and the eternal quest for the perfect scoop of ice cream.

While Jeff wasn’t one to spill his heart in words, his actions spoke volumes, embodying the essence of love through tireless acts of service. Whether lending a hand to family or friends, his grumbles were always drowned out by the hum of his generosity.

In the symphony of his life, Jeff leaves behind his cherished partner in grease, Stephanie Foley, their turbo-charged love igniting sparks for 15 memorable years. He also leaves behind a legacy of love through his children Brittany, Megan, and Liam; his ever-supportive father, Robert; his siblings Tony, Pat, Steve, and Tiffany; and a motley crew of grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Though his journey on Earth has ended, Jeff’s spirit revs on in the memories and moments he shared with us. As he joins his beloved mother, Marilyn “Elaine” Yensel, in the celestial pit stop, let us remember him not with tears, but with the echo of laughter and the roar of engines, for he lived a life fueled by passion, purpose, and a whole lot of horsepower. Rest easy, Jeff. Your legacy rides on.