College Notes – June 8

Dean’s List


Greenwood: Maleia Field


Greenwood: Jacob Schmelzle


Morgantown: Amber Zupancic


Franklin College honors top seniors

Franklin College bestowed several awards at the annual Student Involvement Awards ceremony.

The recipients are chosen based on their academic excellence (a minimum of 3.0 GPA); leadership on campus, both inside and outside the classroom; and their embodiment of the college’s values.

The following local students were recognized: Noah Harris, of Greenwood; Lucas Hinderliter, of Shelbyville; Grace Williams.

Franklin College recognizes students for high academic achievement

Franklin College honored students for their exceptional scholarly efforts during the 2023-24 academic year with merit awards and scholarships at the annual Spring Honors Convocation.

The following students from Johnson County were honored:

Biology Awards — Franklin: Benjamin Marten, Andrew Deppe

Chemistry and Physics Award — Greenwood: Anissa Bailey

Chemistry & Physics Awards

Greenwood: Joshua Webb

Franklin: Bianca Pielago

Trafalgar: Riley Mahan

Economics, Business & Accounting Awards

Bargersville: Annie Kluemper

Greenwood: Nicholas Whitecotten; Jovany Sebastian

Journalism Award — Franklin: Ashlyn Myers

College Awards

Edinburgh: Noah Childers

Franklin: Preston Bertram; Isabella Ferree

Greenwood: Amy Portillo; Carson Dillard; Alona Gilpin; Emma Jones; Emma Jones

Trafalgar: Camden Carlile

Master of Science in Athletic Training Award — Trafalgar: Nolan Remsburg

Mathematics & Computing Awards

Franklin: Jonah Salyers; Van Evanoff

Greenwood: Robert Knight; Amy Portillo; Noah Harris; Emma Jones; Alice Muphemhi; Robert Knight; Laura Sickmeier; Nicholas Whitecotten

Nineveh: Christian Talbert

Whiteland: Brett Gentry; Robert McCoy; Brett Gentry; David Fox; Robert McCoy

Modern Languages Awards

Trafalgar: Camden Carlile

Franklin: Olivia Alvey

Political Science Awards

Greenwood: Amy Portillo

Whiteland: Thomas Maxwell

Pre-Medical Award — Franklin: Van Evanoff