Condado Tacos is known for its unique take on tacos and margaritas. A new location at 1901 E. Stop 13 Road, Indianapolis, opens to the public Thursday. SUBMITTED PHOTOS BY CONDADO TACOS

Southside Indianapolis is about to get a little spicier.

Just north of Greenwood, area diners will be able to enjoy unique tacos with slow-roasted pulled pork and gochujang BBQ sauce, sautéed shrimp with mango basil Baja sauce, or crispy thai chili tofu with pickled jalapeños and pineapple salsa.

They can start the meal with some Skywalker nachos or Mexican street corn, and wash it down with a classic margarita or a fiery Handsome Devil.

And for one day only, the first 100 people in line at the new Condado Tacos can win free tacos every week for a year.

Condado Tacos, a Columbus, Ohio-based chain specializing in tacos and margaritas, opens its doors on its newest store at 1901 E. Stop 13 Road, Indianapolis, on Thursday. The new eatery is known for its off-the-wall tacos, uniquely curated drinks and wild original artwork adding flare to the dining atmosphere.

“It’s so experiential. That’s really what makes Condado so amazing,” said Joe Kahn, founder and chief innovation officer for Condado Tacos. “The value is there, the consistency and passion we put in our food makes it very unique. And on top of that, the art on the walls, it makes for a different experience in a restaurant you usually don’t get at this price point.”

In honor of its grand opening, Condado officials are offering a Year of Yum — the first 100 people in line will receive one free taco every week for the year.

Even those who aren’t the first in line can celebrate, with all customers on Thursday getting a free taco with purchase and $6 Signature margaritas all day long. Doors will open at 11 a.m. for the grand opening following a confetti cannon celebration.

“We always love opening new stores, because we try to get as many people as we can to come out and support us,” Kahn said. “And in return, we love to give things away.”

Condado Tacos was founded by Kahn in 2014 in Columbus, Ohio, with a focus on creating tacos made with clean, sustainable ingredients that customers craved, and serving them in an environment that encourages creativity.

His goal was to create a space where everyone fits in, Kahn said.

“I set this up because I thought I was going to start out with a little bar you could go to twice a week, seeing my friends and having some good food and hanging out,” Kahn said. “It could be your local watering hole. That’s what I really wanted it to be.”

Over the past 10 years, Condado has opened 52 restaurants across the South and Midwest. Indiana is already home to four locations in Indianapolis, Carmel and Noblesville.

For company officials, the Greenwood area made for an ideal place for Indiana’s fifth location.

“There are so many families out there. The whole area has tons of housing, so we just kind of knew. Our demographic is a lot of families, it’s a lot of ‘socializers’ who like to go out, see their neighbors,” Kahn said. “We knew Greenwood was dense enough but far enough away from our other locations that we wouldn’t impact anybody else.”

Condado’s menu is centered around its tacos. Customers can choose from a selection of creations such as the Braised + Confused, with braised beef brisket, queso fresco and more inside a flour soft shell, or Lucy’s Fire, double-decker chicken taco with a spicy hard shell inside.

The eatery also offers a build-your-own option, allowing you to mix and match taco shells, meat, veggies and cheese in different ways.

A selection of queso, guacamole, salsa and more serve as appetizers. Burritos and bowls are also available.

From the drink menu, Condado offers crafted and house margaritas, cocktails and mocktails as well as beer, seltzer and wine.

While the food is rightfully the main attraction at Condado, the eatery has also built a reputation for its original, bombastic artwork at each location. Each of the restaurants is painted floor-to-ceiling with murals and scenes in vivid colors.

The works are created by Condado’s house art team, who work in conjunction with local artists to reference landmarks and other recognizable features in the area.

“When I first started, the location, the artwork is going to be something connected to the local area,” Kahn said. “We go to each area we’re in, we do a lot of research on the area, what’s going on and what it stands for. So each Condado is painted different.”

At the Greenwood location, the walls were created with the help of local artists Nick Abstract, Eric Lundorf, Mal Hodgkin, Bezol One, Israel Solomon, Erica Parker and Dan Thompson. Their murals tell the story of two rival Condado factions in the future — one living above ground, and the other hiding underground.

“They’re at war, then chips and salsa and guac bring them together. It’s stupid little stories like that, but they mean a lot to us,” Kahn said.

Condado Tacos opens at 11 a.m. Thursday and will be open seven days a week moving forward.