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OPINION: Something for everyone


At first glance it’s a blank, white canvas but when examining the wall a bit closer we could see the instantly recognizable raised dots of braille. Although neither of us could read braille, we couldn’t resist reaching out to touch and feel the wall.

OPINION: Awe-inspired at the Old Course


I find it both odd and fascinating how sports can, at times, stir feelings akin to the sacred, even a sense of the holy.

OPINION: Beware ‘The Next Big Thing’


I’m so old that I remember when the Establishment set the rules and rebels tried to break them. Now, we seem to be embarked on a great experiment in which the former rebels are in charge and determined to get rid of all the rules.

Ryan Trares: Soccer season full of firsts


Roll out the balls and get ready for some wind sprints — Coach Ryan is taking the field.

Opinion: With friends like Thomas, the court doesn’t need enemies


One of the saddest things about this era has been the slow, steady demolition of the U.S. Supreme Court and the judicial branch.

Ryan Trares on parenting: Game time intensifies


We may have created a monster born out of nostalgia.