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On Mondays, we offer readers Scoop, a page devoted to what is going on in southside schools.

We want to know:

  • Special ways teachers are inspiring students.
  • Cool projects kids are doing – music, art, math, history.
  • Upcoming events parents need to know about.
  • Special achievements by students and teachers.
  • New programs and ways of learning.
  • Issues facing teachers and students.
  • Tips for students and parents.
  • Columns by students and teachers.

How to get your news to us

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Write it down
One of the best ways to get your information in the paper is to submit it in publishable form. Write a short story or article. Not sure how to do that? Ask us. We will help you. More information is always better.

Give us advance notice
If there is a very special event you want us to cover, contact us a week in advance. It’s hard to rearrange our schedule when we find out about an event or special project the day it happens.

Basic information
Use first and last names. Always include a name and phone number in case we have questions. Make sure information is accurate.

Good photos
Make sure photos are clear and do not have lots of people in them. It’s impossible to see faces when there are 20 people in a photo. Identify the people in the photo – from left to right.

Try, try, try.
Keep trying. We have lots of schools to cover and can’t be everywhere at once. Take the leap and submit your own story and photo.

No attachments please
Avoid attachments to e-mails other than photos. Put the information in the body of the e-mail.

School newsletters
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