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United sees more travel rebound, adds flights to warm spots

United Airlines said Friday it will add nearly 150 flights this winter to warm-weather destinations in the U.S. and will also add flights to...

Longtime Havasupai leader was staunch advocate for his tribe

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — A longtime leader of the Havasupai Tribe who fought to protect its resources by lobbying against mining around the Grand Canyon...

Study: US ski areas rebound despite COVID-19 restrictions

DENVER — Ski areas across the United States experienced a strong rebound this winter despite public health restrictions put in place amid the coronavirus...

Call of the wild: Great outdoors is great escape in pandemic

For those venturing off the beaten path, be advised — it’s a little crowded out there. ...

Italy won’t open its ski slopes due to virus fears

ROME — The Italian government on Sunday abruptly delayed opening Italy's beloved ski season because a coronavirus variant was detected in a good portion...