Letter: Critical examination of Obamacare impact needed

To the editor:

Come on Daily Journal! One of the reasons I like you is you run local stories about Johnson County and how local and national policies affect us.

You recently ran an Associated Press article on the “plight” of a rich lawyer gay couple that had trouble getting health insurance with marriage benefits through Obamacare because their state didn’t recognize gay marriage? Boohoo!!

Why not do some real investigative reporting and find out how Obamacare is affecting Hoosiers in Johnson County? Hundreds of Johnson County clients won’t get to keep their doctor or policy like the president promised, yet you have printed nothing about this.

Why not investigate how many Johnson County residents have either lost their health insurance or had their premiums skyrocket? My 82-year old dad on a fixed income had just one of eight required prescription co-pays jump from $25 to $90 in one month — all thanks to the “affordable” health care act!

I know its balanced to have both liberal and conservative views published, and I support that. But I respectfully ask that you consider presenting a balanced and critical analysis of the actual costs of Obamacare to real people here in our own backyard. Thanks for considering this request.

Rob Stiles