Town on right path in its quest for park

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Bargersville has grown by nearly 2,500 people in less than four years, an increase of about 37 percent, mostly due to annexing land. The old town area has three parks, but the new portion has no parks.

Community leaders want to find land for a park in the northwest part of town. So far, finding the land has been the challenge.

A new park is something that Bargersville residents have asked for, but two potential locations for parks fell through, Bargersville Town Manager Kevin McGinnis said. One park would have been placed near Whiteland Road and County Road 750W, but the land owner wanted to place restrictions on how the land could be used.

The land owner asked for some type of nature preserve area, instead of a playground and picnic area. Since the park is meant to be used by families with young children, McGinnis said, the town decided not to take the property.

Another possible park property was not usable because the land has a high potential for flooding.

“We think we have a shortage of park opportunities,” McGinnis said.

During the past 10 years, the town has ballooned from 2,500 residents to 6,500, McGinnis said.

The town needs more amenities such as walking paths and playground equipment, but he said it is not a pressing concern to complete within the next year. The parks department and a parks advisory board are always looking for potential space to expand existing parks or build new ones, he said.

It is encouraging that the town is actively pursuing potential park land. Community leaders are treating the matter appropriately as more of a front-burner issue than a back-burner one. That way, when land becomes available, the town can react more quickly. Also, community leaders are in a better position to work with subdivision developers about setting land aside for parks.

Green space and recreation areas are valuable and attractive community assets. Bargersville is taking the right approach by being proactive about local parks.

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Recreational and green space are valuable community amenities.

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Bargersville is on the right path by being proactive about local parks.