Police called after KKK fliers found around Franklin College

Police were called to Franklin College and students were notified after fliers detailing the beliefs of the Ku Klux Klan were scattered around the campus.

The college president said the behavior won’t be tolerated.

A handful of fliers, which referenced the Loyal White Knights of KKK and their beliefs, were strewn about in a parking lot and left on a few cars between 1:45 and 2:40 a.m. Tuesday, according to the Franklin police report.

The fliers were found by security, disposed of and reported to Franklin police later that morning. Similar fliers also were recently found in Bloomington, the police report said.

Franklin College President Thomas Minar said he is confident the fliers did not come from anyone within the community, and has no reason to believe they came from anyone local. The message written on those fliers will not be tolerated at the college, he said.

“Franklin College won’t tolerate behaviors of racism, prejudice or discrimination on campus,” Minar said.

Minar sent an email to the campus community, which has an enrollment of nearly 1,000 students, on Tuesday afternoon to make sure they were aware of what happened and that they also knew the behavior would not be tolerated, he said.

College officials are always listening to the campus community and have a focus on diversity, such as through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. They routinely get feedback and communication on what is happening on the tight-knit campus, and he expects the same with this incident, Minar said.