Letter: New recycling system in Greenwood needs adjustments

<strong>To the editor:</strong>

It appears that Greenwood’s recent change to their recycling system was implemented with little input from the public or the city council. Also without much concern for the different needs of the city’s residents or the unintended aesthetic consequences that have occurred.

I am referring to the move from small 18-gallon recycling "totes" to 96-gallon "garbage haulers."

This is more than five times the volume just to move to bi-weekly collections! Our household only generates one kitchen size bag of garbage per week, and a similar amount of recyclables. I spoke with two council members in an effort see if smaller automated haulers could be offered. Both indicated that they had no input on this decision.

Many of the homes in our city do not have garages that can accommodate a 96-gallon recycling bin and vehicles at the same time, so either the car or the hauler must be left outside. Which would you choose?

I have seen many others like myself who store their recycling hauler outside, and they certainly do not enhance the beauty of our town! It is also my understanding that some homeowner associations are issuing dunning letters and threatening fines to their residents who do not store them indoors.

I also called Best Way Disposal to see if I could obtain and use a smaller hauler. (I was told no.) I was also informed that the City of Greenwood will also be moving regular trash collections to this system in the near future. Now we will have two enormous 96-gallon trash haulers that will have to be stored outside. Alas, more ugliness.

Research into other communities throughout the country shows that many municipalities offer two or even three different sizes of automated trash and recycling haulers to better meet the needs of their residents. The most common sizes are 36-, 64-, and 96-gallon haulers.

Our neighbor to the south, Columbus, offers 48-, 64-, and 96-gallon sizes for both pick-up services. My single kitchen-size bag of garbage would certainly fit in one of the smaller sizes and I could fit the (soon to be) two containers in my garage.

Who can negotiate a better deal with Best Way, obtain some flexibility in the size of these "unattractive monstrosities" and make Greenwood a little more beautiful?
<p style="text-align: right"><strong>Charles W. Schmedlap</strong></p>
<p style="text-align: right">Greenwood</p>