Letter: Wake up America, socialism is lurking

To the editor:

Wake up America. The worst enemy of socialism is the middle class. They are the ones who want good government, nice homes, money in the pocket, nice car, good job — all that socialism says is government’s right to allow.  So, for socialism to survive what they must do is get rid of the middle class. 

The oil industry runs the society in which we live. Socialism will first curtail that industry — pipelines, shale drilling, off shore supply and all refining plants. (Already starting with the Keystone pipeline shutdown.)

So, with the oil industry out of business, the transportation industry will be out of business. No more trucks, trains, ships to transport goods to the middle class or anybody. So much of what we see, sit, stand on or eat comes to us by truck. Now we have skyrocketing food prices and purchase of oil from foreign markets that charge whatever they want, knowing our domestic plight. Prices at the pump go bonkers. (Food prices are already up.)

Now, the middle class is down where socialism wants them, looking for food and a means to get there, rather than spend time pestering the powers that be about government. Socialism comes to the rescue, doling out piddling amounts of cash to keep the masses quiet, to be taken back later in higher taxes. 

Wake up America. It took just eight short years of socialism to drop Venezuela from the one of the world’s greatest economies to one of the world’s worst. In a population of 18 million, more than 1 million have already left the country. Those left are so desperate they are crashing the zoos (ready for this?) killing the animals and eating them. Is this what you want for America? I don’t think so.

I have served my country well and lived through 13 presidents. I thought I’d seen it all, until now. We are on the edge of dissolution of the American way of life. It is not those in office to blame for this move to socialism, but the American voter who has put them there. 

Wake up America. Time is running out for America and the outlook is grim.

Alonzo F. Clayton