Letter: Public meetings should have in-person option

To the Editor:

On April 2, it was announced that Greenwood City Center and all other city government buildings would be closed to the public until May 3. This interferes with the public’s ability to interact face-to-face with the city’s elected officials. Yes, the opportunity to “ZOOM” or call into city meetings is available, but what about those citizens who do not have the ability to connect via this kind of technology or are uncomfortable with it?

I completely understand and appreciate Mayor Mark Myers’s desire to keep the public safe during this pandemic. However, there has to be a better option. Has the administration reached out to other venues in Greenwood that could accommodate Common Council meetings and allow for social distancing? I don’t know the answer to that. I recently sent an email to the mayor’s office including a list of possible venues that I am aware of, and it has not even been acknowledged as being received.

I also have to ask why, if the City Center is closed to the public, was a town hall meeting with representatives to the Indiana State Legislature held there on Saturday? If it is safe enough to open for a town hall meeting with state representatives, then it is safe enough to open for Common Council meetings. You can’t have it both ways.

The next Common Council meeting is Monday. The citizens of Greenwood have the right to be physically present for this meeting whether it be at the Greenwood City Center or another venue in our city.

Marie Pendleton