Letter: Confused about votes on constitutional carry bill

<p><strong>To the Editor:</strong></p><p>There is no question that Sen. Rodric Bray is a solid conservative and an active Christian, but his decision to not allow the constitutional carry bill, House Bill 1369, to go to the senate committee for discussion leaves me scratching my head.</p><p>Does he believe that he and Sen. Liz Brown from Fort Wayne are saving us Hoosiers from the stupidity of the other Republicans on the committee that have no understanding of how to construct a safe bill? This leaves the people they represent with no say on the bill.</p><p>Maybe it’s the phase of the moon that is causing conservatives all over America to do weird things. Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota did not sign a bill that was passed by the legislature of South Dakota to ban biological males from competing in girls’ sports. She said she was waiting for a coalition to be formed to stop this unfair competition. What? </p><p>Gov. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas vetoed a bill from the Arkansas legislature that banned chemical castration of small children. His answer was that he is a follower of Ronald Reagan and believes in smaller government. Really? Somehow I didn’t get the connection.</p><p>Then our U.S. Sen. Mike Braun had a hair-brained idea on how to help the protesters love law enforcement and claimed the state police endorsed his plan. The head of the state police went on TV and said it was not true, and Sen. Braun had to run for cover.</p><p>Sen. Bray is naming all these law enforcement groups as being against the bill. Who knows? He also mentions two groups that are supposedly pro-Second Amendment rights that I have never heard of. But there is no mention of the daddy rabbit of all these groups, the National Rifle Association. Apparently, they did not think it was so bad.</p><p>When President Joe Biden and the whole herd of Democrats want to cut the Second Amendment out of the Constitution and confiscate our firearms, it looks like states would try to head them off at the pass and make gun possession easier and not harder.</p><p>So you see, as a voter out here in the sticks, I don’t understand this action. I think about 20 states have passed constitutional carry laws. As a conservative state, Indiana should be on that list.</p><p>I do not intend to hurt Sen. Bray, but help him.</p><p><p><strong>James Brown</strong></p><p><p><strong>Morgantown</strong></p>