ANOTHER VIEWPOINT: Dialing back vaccination clinics makes sense

This editorial was originally published June 4 in our sister paper The (Columbus) Republic.

The concept of supply and demand can be applied to Columbus Regional Health’s most recent decision on its vaccination clinic.

Starting this week, due to declining local interest, CRH is gradually reducing its hours at its vaccination site located near the hospital campus on Keller Avenue.

CRH plans to phase the clinic out by August, and is currently open three days per week. The clinic will move to two days per week in July, with final first doses being administered on July 9 before the site closes down on July 30.

Those wanting to get vaccinated by CRH after July 30 can do so in a primary care office.

Despite the fact that just 2 in 5 Bartholomew County residents are fully vaccinated, it makes sense for CRH to start moving away from its clinic.

Unfortunately, there’s no reason to believe that vaccine demand will rise any time soon.

Many of those planning on getting the vaccine have already done so.

Since March 31, Hoosiers aged 16 and up have been able to get vaccinated. That number was lowered to 12 and up on May 13.

During a mass vaccination clinic in late May, which had 1,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine available, just 277 people turned out for the event.

If locals aren’t interested in the one-stop-shot, having to make two appointments for the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine also isn’t likely.

Going into this week, the county (40.7%) had a slightly better vaccination rate than Indiana (37%) as a whole. However, the numbers still aren’t great — the state ranks 38th in total population vaccinated.

Hopefully the news that the clinic will be closing will inspire more to go out and get vaccinated.

In the meantime, extra resources shouldn’t be dedicated to vaccinating the masses.

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