Letter: We’ve found a coach in Mike Schmuhl

<p><strong>To the editor:</strong></p><p>It’s been a tough few years if you’re a Hoosier Democrat. We’ve had some successes, but the last decade of politics has been challenging — and divisive.</p><p>However, I’m submitting this letter to share some good news: there’s reason to believe in the Indiana Democratic Party. In the season of March Madness, we’ve found our new coach in Chair Mike Schmuhl, and he’s preparing to lead us to the tournament — and victory — again.</p><p>Mike worked for U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on their campaigns. He understands that we need to stop the political theater and extreme partisanship of late to solve the problems of both today and tomorrow, so we can deliver for Indiana’s hard-working families.</p><p>All of us want to make Indiana the place where any Hoosier can achieve a good-paying job with benefits and protections, have good health care without breaking the bank, and receive a quality public education for themselves and their families.</p><p>So, how do we get there? We show up. Everywhere. There’s no such thing as a permanently red state and there’s no such thing as a permanently red county. One-party control for too long leads to bad legislation and bad outcomes.</p><p>Hoosiers are honest, fair, equitable, hard-working and kind. They deserve a balanced government that reflects those values. Every community is important. Every voice matters. Every vote counts. We reach our greatest potential as a state when we are all working together.</p><p>We all want — and deserve — a government that helps everyone in their daily lives so they can have lives filled with purpose, respect and dignity. With a new vision built on these values, the Indiana Democratic Party can help restore balance to our Indiana government once again.</p><p><p><strong>Amanda Stevenson-Holmes</strong></p><p><p><strong>Chair, Johnson County Democratic Party</strong></p>