Johnson County turnout lower than last midterm general election

Local voter turnout for this year’s midterm general election dropped compared to the last midterm in 2018.

Turnout hit 39.2% for the 2022 general election in Johnson County, with a total of 45,389 casting ballots. On Election Day Tuesday, 24,173 people voted in person, 17,572 voted early in person before Election Day and 3,644 voted absentee by mail.

A 39% turnout rate is in line with Johnson County Clerk Trena McLaughlin’s prediction of a 35% to 40% turnout for this year.

During the last midterm election in 2018, turnout was 50.23%, with 52,216 ballots cast. This year’s turnout was also well below the 2020 presidential general election, where Johnson County had a record-breaking 70.3% turnout.